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A powerful solution for Type 2 Diabetes

By July 10, 2018July 12th, 2018Life Insurance

This is a post that is going to blend together some of our most recent posts, Diabetes and John Hancock Vitality. John Hancock is a carrier that is extremely competitive when it comes to Type 2 Diabetes from an underwriting and pricing standpoint.  

Type 2 Diabetes accounts for over 90% of the more than 30 million Americans living with diabetes, and an additional 84 million have prediabetes, which puts them at an increased risk for developing this condition according to 2017 National Diabetes Statistics Report. It is important for people living with type 2 diabetes to follow a healthy diet. Regular exercise may help improve blood sugar control and help maintain a health weight. The use of short term incentives, MAY help people make better health decisions. What if we could tie together type 2 diabetes with the John Hancock Vitality Program?

Look at these key areas that challenge people with Type 2 Diabetes

Getting Regular Exercise – The John Hancock Vitality Program rewards insureds for physical activity with lower life insurance premiums. Insureds can also receive discounts such as reduced costs for gym memberships and healthy gear (Apple Watch Series 3). A wearable device like an Apple Watch or Fitbit helps insureds stay on track with their daily steps and exercise.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight – Once you sign up with John Hancock Vitality you receive your own Vitality website. Your Vitality website will keep track of your points, goals, health questionnaires, rewards info, etc. On this site, you will complete a Vitality Health Review (this goes towards your points) where you are able to set health goals for yourself. You can specify weight loss or body mass index targets, and set when you would like to accomplish these goals. Once you complete your goals you will hit milestones and different reward levels which all lead to help maintain a healthier weight.

Eating Well – John Hancock Vitality’s HealthFood benefit empowers insureds with diabetes to make nutritious choices every day by rewarding them with savings of up to $600 annually on their health food purchases. The $50 monthly savings is available at over 16,000 grocery stores across the country.

Staying on Track – Earning lower premiums as well as other rewards and discounts offered by the John Hancock Vitality Program can help insured with type 2 diabetes to stay motivated for a healthy living. Clients are able to access online tools and the mobile app to help mark their progress toward a healthier lifestyle. Insureds are even able to earn points for getting an annual check-up.

Managing Extra Costs – Insureds with diabetes tend to pay more for life insurance because of their condition. However, with the John Hancock Vitality Program, insureds are able to lower their premiums by up to 15% by simply living a healthy lifestyle.

As mentioned in previous post, the John Hancock Vitality Program is not always the best solution for all insureds, including insureds with Type 2 Diabetes. It is a program to consider, and we see at times is a great fit with our clients.

To learn more about the John Hancock Vitality Program or information on Type 2 Diabetes and Life Insurance reach out to us and we will provide what it is you are looking for.

Have a great day!

Tyler Berntsen